My Art Journal




most of my pages have prompts like this from a book called Wreck This Journal, which is like $12 and so I bought a $5 art journal and just use the prompts in there. this prompt is “Chew on this” so I did “The Hungry, Hungry Caterpiller!

20140825_143208 (1)

this is a Zentangle I did. I traced circles with a cup and filled them in with some of my favorite zentangle patterns!!

                                                                                           Hope you liked my first two art journal pages I have posted, more pages will come soon!                ❤ EA                                                                                                                   


5 thoughts on “My Art Journal

  1. Alyssa Young

    Hey! What’s up friend? It is I, the wonderful Dragon of Dark Storms! Or I guess a more familiar name is TheBlackDragon. Or the Unicorn of Death works as well. Hehehe

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    • Alyssa Young

      It is awesome! I followed you btw. Or I guess you could say I’m stalking you hehehe XD
      Hey do you mind Following me? I will give you a cookie! 🙂

      Spirit Wolf Gaming ~ From The Gaming Arts Blog

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