This is a box we had. At one time it was bursting with caramels YUM! but after a while we ran out 😦 . so we just had this empty box so we used it as a spice rack in our kitchen. But, it still didnt match our theme (our theme is Hershey’s Chocolate) so we painted it with chalkboard paint!


this is our NEW spice rack!!!! we also painted mason jars with chalkboard paint!!

  How to use chalkboard paint:

first you paint one coat let it dry to touch. then paint as many more coats as you would like. then it should dry for about 24 hours. then you prime it by rubbing chalk on it then smearing the chalk lines. then wash it off and your ready to draw!

more of my chalkboard stuff will be posted later:)


                                                                          ❤ EA







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