Hello Kitty Is Not A Cat?!?


Apparently, this is not “News” but to the majority of our generation the fact that Hello KITTY is not a cat is shocking news. How can you look me in the eyes and tell me that this is not a cat  but a little third grade girl?

hello kitty

She has whiskers and pointy ears! I pity a little girl with whiskers and pointy ears 😦 How could I live my whole life thinking that she was an adorable cat that walked on two legs! I mean her name is hello KITTY! but I found out that her name is “Kitty”. Riiiiiiiiiiight. who names there little girl kitty? well, I guess if you had a kid with whiskers and pointy ears you would name her kitty too. Not only is she a girl, she has a twin sister AND a boyfriend! shes a 3rd grader! what 3rd Grader has boyfriend? she also likes baking, making pancakes, origami, and eating apple pie. that does not really match the personalities the Hello Kitty fans have made up for her…


hello kitty2

hello kitty 8

this one doesn’t look like she wants to make pancakes. :/

hello kitty 6hello kitty 5hello kitty4hello kitty3hello kitty 7


But why is Hello Kitty so popular? I mean there is a hello Kitty con!

hello kitty conhello kitty con 2

Really? They say that Hello kitty has so many Personalities because she has no mouth. with no mouth, Fans can make her have any expression or personality they want her to have. you want a Hello Kitty Gangster?

hello kitty 9

there a hello kitty gangster!  but in the Hello Kitty show where she is portrayed more like a girl she looks like this….

hello kitty 10

the one with the yellow bow is her twin sister “Mimmy” 

Well I don’t care what they say. I think Hello Kitty is a cat. an adorable kitty! what do you think? leave a comment with your opinion. HELLO KITTY THE CAT 4EVER!






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