Mockingjay Part: 1


Who’s excited to see MOCKINGJAY PART ONE!?! I know I am! I am so excited that i literally cant sit still right now. XD So I was disappointed in The hunger games (first movie) the camera was shaky, Madge was no where to be seen, she got her pin from an old lady!, they left out the part where Katniss loses her hearing, and the cut on Peeta’s leg is like the size of a paper cut! BUT, they redeemed themselves with Catching Fire! It was soooooo AWESOME! they stayed true to the book for the most part and did a great job doing it! Catching Fire is proof that you can stick to the book and have a great movie! (I’m looking at you Percy Jackson Movies) Now since HG was okay, ans CF was GREAT, I have VERY high hopes for Mockinjay part 1. 

  The release date is: November 21, 2014! only three months away!! 🙂

mockingjay part 1

Isn’t is beautiful. I have never been so excited to see a movie I know will make ma cry :*(  …..

But I’m still SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!! are you? Comment below.

                                         More posts to come!                                                       ❤ EA


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