GREAT Pen Pal Ideas!!


First let me say….

                                                         HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have 3 pen pals! I recommend everyone have a pen pal! they are SO AWESOME! 

So I was on Pinterist and found some REALLY good pen pal ideas that I simply HAVE to try!

1. This first idea is cool! It would not only be fun to make, but fun for whoever you send it to.Pen Pal Puzzle Letter. This is a great idea! Put the puzzle together...write the message...take it apart...mail in sturdy envelope. Small inexpensive Christmas scene puzzles would make great holiday greetings!

You write your letter on a small puzzle, scramble it, and send! I think it is very cute 😉

2. This next idea is funny, and would be fun to receive.

13 ounces or less!! Cute mail ideas! Can't wait to let Danny try some of these out. :)

sending objects such as a flip flop! you don’t even have to put it in a envelope!

3. This one Is also fun to make and to receive! though it is not a letter it is simply a post card

would be cute to make postcards from girl scout cookie boxes.  Or cut the boxes up for thank you tags next year.

This is a post card made from a cereal box!! 🙂

4.This one is simply a different way to write a letter. a little more fun! a little more color!

Non linear letter writing - creative from the normal way I write to my friends!

cute! 😉

5. This is MY personal favorite!….

Sending a message in a bottle version 2.0: Take an old spice jar, grab a thumb drive and some glue, and you're done! We love the idea of sending a photo album, movie or playlist in a bottle. Definitely a modern take on romance.

You use an old spice jar. and put a flash drive in it with pictures/videos/online scrapbook/you letter/etc. This is the one I will DEFIANTLY be doing! It brings a whole new meaning to the message in a bottle! 🙂

More Posts to come!

                                                                                                                               ❤ EA



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