Vacation :)


I’m sorry about the lack of posting this past week. I was on vacation and we were surprising some family members who read my blog do I couldn’t post anything about it.  So now I can tell you guys ALL  ABOUT my vaca!!

Day 1: Oh my word! it only took 9  hours to get to Michigan, but it felt like 10 years!! We stopped to eat subway and Taco Bell (YUM).   We got there around 6;00p.m. we stayed  at my Aunt’s and Uncle’s house so we stayed up late talking and eating pizza (YUM! again).

Day 2: on day two We got breakfast and lunch at Buche’s. They have fresh baked cinnamon rolls!! (YUM Again again) then we had sandwiches for lunch and rented two movies for later. The Other Woman and Blended. Then my dad went to see  his cousin, and we went to visit my grandpa and swam in the lake  :).Then my other uncle came over to visit us, but we were upset because he didn’t bring our aunt or either of our cousins. One of which is only 1 and I haven’t even met yet!  so We were mad 😡 Then we watched The Other Woman. And it was SUPPOSED to be rated PG13 But apparently it should be rated R! so I went upstairs  with m y sister and cousin. and I was mad about that because I have been  SO excited  to see it! But noooooooooooo. 😡

Day 3: We went to See my cousins and My BFF!! But first we went to  Kohl’s but I think they have raised their prices since I was there last. (they don’t have any where we live) because like one shirt  on clearance was like $20!  Then we went to see my BFF she was so surprised and happy she hugged me A LOT! and we talked and took selfies. Then we had to leave. we picked up Salsarita’s and got some food (Salsarita’s is a really good Mexican place) then we went to visit my cousins. My cousin wanted to sleep over so she came with us to visit my grandpa and there was a BIG storm and the power went  and came back on. some people stayed there because the power was on, but me and my parents and sister and cuz wanted to go somewhere where it didn’t   smell like cigarette smoke (It was making us sick 😦 ) We lit a lot of candles, and we went to bed and the power came back on at like midnight.

Day 4: We went back to my grandpa’s to set up for my aunts graduation party. we  went swimming with my cousin and rode the jet skis. It was SO fun. then I went to my BFF’s house to sleep over! I tried the first episode of Doctor Who . Because It is like her favorite TV show of all time. it was okay. I’m thinking about trying the 2nt episode when I get home. Do I have any Whovians? Please comment 🙂 .

Day 5: Me my sister and my Bff woke up and ate some frosted flakes. Then we went outside and  made a music video using Video Star! (awesome app! you should get it) Then she taught us the Cotton Eyed Joe! it is Such a  fun dance! then We went to a thrift shop called  saint Vincent de paul. we tried on a bunch of clothes then got dairy queen!  yummy!. then her mom drove us back to my aunts house and I hugged my friend goodbye and wen  inside to spend some time with my other cuz. I found out that he has swollen tonsils and didn’t want to do much so we watched God’s Not Dead. Great movie I will review it later., then we were going to  blended. but yet another movie rated PG13  I was sent upstairs with my younger sister and cousin and we watched  Full House. I asked my mom later about blended and she said It was one of the  dumbest movie she has ever seen. So I was really disappointed because I ;love 50 first dates so I was hoping that blended  would bee just as good 😦 .

Day 6  that’s today! right now my cousin is at the doctors  and I am drinking apple cider and blogging.

That’s my vaca so far!                 



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