Biggest Loser!


WARNING: This post contains spoilers from the 165th and 16th seasons of the biggest loser.

Jillian Michaels ‘Lose the Bloat’ Drink  Drop 5 pounds in 7 days. A diuretic drink to rid bodies of excess water weight & bloating.     Drink this in ADDITION to your regular water intake for the day.    Recipe:  •	16 oz distilled water  •	1 TBS sugar free cranberry juice  •	1 dandelion root tea bag  •	2 TBS lemon juice    Mix and drink each day for 7 days to drop up to 5lbs excess water bloat.  Some internet sites list the recipe with SIXTY (60) ounces of distilled water. This is WRONG!

Who has seen the series premiere of Biggest Loser Season 16? I have just finished watching it. I am excited to see what lies ahead for the BL contestants. But, I am worried about a few things….

First of all…. WHERE IS JILLIAN!? She is basically the soul reason I watch the show. At first they only showed 3 trainers. Dulvett (he’s okay) and t hen two new trainers which I am NOT excited about. There names are “Jesse” and “Jen”. I like Bob  and Jillian best. I was a little bit happier when they showed Bob at the end and he IS going to be a trainer. but still…. Why get rid of Jill? shes so awesome…..

haha love her - Jillian Michaels I really need her to motivate me!!

Anyway. I also hope no one will take after last years winner. Do you remember Rachel? I loved her. She was so pretty on the makeover episode. then at the finale she looked like this….

Rachel Frederickson was the season 15 winner of the Biggest Loser -- losing a record-breaking 59.62 percent of her total body weight. Shrinking down from 260 pounds to just 105 pounds.

She went way too far. She looks anorexic. I mean LOOK at her KNEES! When I saw this…. It saddened me. :*(   I was even sadder that she won. She should have been pulled out of the competition and David should have won.

'The Biggest Loser' Season 15 Makeovers – David Brown Has lost 150lbs+ so far! Season isnt even over yet!

But my all time favorite winner is Matt Hoover!

Biggest Loser season 2 winner Matt Hoover lost 182 lbs

I liked him a lot. He even married one of the other contestants.

So anyway. I am excited to see the next episodes of the Biggest Loser to see what happens!!

Comment with your favorite winner, Contestant, and Trainer!

More post soon to come!

❤ EA


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