Movie Review


Today I will be reviewing “Mom’s Night Out”….

Moms’ Night Out Movie in theaters May 9th, 2014.

As usual I will be rating this movie on….

  1. Watch-ability: Did I fall asleep, Zone out, Get bored?
  2. Acting: Good or Bad?
  3. Plot: Was it interesting? Was it good?
  4. Characters: Likable? annoying? Funny?

1. Watch-ability: Even though it was like 11:00p.m. I didn’t fall asleep or zone out. It was very interesting and quite fast paced. I give watch-ability 5 stars! * * * * *

2. Acting: The actors were pretty good, Not amazing, but not bad. I give it 3 and a half stars. * * * 1/2

3. Plot: I liked the plot a lot! (haha that rhymed! i’m a poet and didn’t know it!) it was interesting, faced paced, Funny, and VERY relate able. I give it % stars * * * * *

4. Characters: The main characters in this movie are…

Allyson: A stressed out mom of three played by Sara Drew. She is funny and relate able but slightly whiny.

Sondra: The perfect pastors wife played by Patricia Heaton. She is inspiring and funny as well.

Izzy: Allyson’s best friend and mom of twin boys played by Andrea Logan White.

Bridget: Allyson’s sister in law, a mother of 10 month old baby phenox. Played by Abbie Cobb. She is slightly annoying yet I like her.

I liked all of the characters I give them 4 stars * * * *

I know this movie might have bad reviews…. But, I honestly cant understand why. It not only clean and stays true to the rating but it is hilarious, sweet, relate able and inspiring! I would recommend it to anyone! So go and watch it! right now!! GO!

Blog to ya soon! ❤ EA

Moms‘ Night Out movie: Laughs, Plus Hope for Frazzled Moms; Opening Mother's Day Weekend


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