The Top Ten Cutest Disney Animals!


Hey everybody! today I felt like blogging about Disney! So In my opinion these are the top 10 cutest Disney animals. if you disagree with any of these, you are free to voice your opinion in the comments!


images+of+disney+characters | disney character

Bambi Is pretty cute! I mean who can argue with a baby deer?


If you love Stitch, you need to watch this.

Stitch! Even though he is not technically and “animal” I thought I’d add him in here. Sometimes I just cant stand his cuteness!


Google Image Result for

Thumper. He is just so cute! he’s a bunny! and who dosnt like bunnies?

cricket! This one is again not technacly an animal, because he is a bug. But he is just too cute to leave out!


How to be Cute 101 - Nemo #Disney #Nemo

Number 6 is NEMO! I simply adore the look of determatation on his face when he goes to “Touch The Butt”


Run GOAL: September 2014 - Dumbo Double Dare! A 19.3-mile adventure held over two days, participants will run the Disneyland® 10K on Saturday, followed by the Disneyland® Half Marathon on Sunday. If you finish both races within the pacing requirements, you will be awarded the all-new Dumbo Double Dare medal in addition to your Half Marathon and 10K finisher medals.

DUMBO! Who doesn’t like an elephant with big ears?


Cri-kee Mulan, #disney

CRICKET! The luck cricket is technacly a bug but I thought he was just too cute to leave out!


lady as a puppy :)

Lady from lady and the tramp as a puppy. AWWWWWWWWWWWW


Google Image Result for

Squirt from finding nemo! oh my goodness! look at him!


Pagusus (Hurcules)  hehehehhe love him :) Nicolette!

baby Pegasus! he is just SOOO cute with those wings!!!



Disney Challenge Day 11- Pascal! He gives so much expression throughout the movie without even having to talk.

Pascal Rainbow. my favorite.  i have a thing for silent animal sidekicks in disney movies.  i even have a percy figurine

Pascal ♥ <- when I first saw this, I thought it was Pascal wearing lipstick. But then I realized it was just his tongue. Oops.


I never noticed how great her feet look, like she is a cartoon and her toes are all curved in like real feet.

Also going to make a Pascal for me. If I had a chameleon, a real one, I'd totally wear it.

PASCAL I LOVE YOU! and your bowtie :)

If you dont agree that pascal is the cutest disney animal, Then please comment with your favorite!


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