Maximum Ride!!!


Hey everybody! I just found some AMAZING news!!! So you may or may not have heard of the awesome “Maximum Ride” Series by James Patterson!

The Angel Experiment. This is the first of eight books in the highly praised Maximum Ride series. I truly could not put this book down! It is a very exiting story about bird kids trying to hide and run from erasers, and evil scientists. It is a touching story from a well knkwn author James Patterson.Cover art for School's Out-Forever, the second book in the Maximum Ride series.Older cover for Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports.Older cover for Maximum Ride: The Final Warning.Cover art for MAX, the fifth book in the Maximum Ride series.Cover art for FANG, the sixth book in the Maximum Ride series.Cover art for ANGEL, the seventh book in the Maximum Ride series.Cover for Nevermore, the eighth book in the Maximum Ride series.

The story is that there are these kids who were mutated so they are 98% human, and 2% avian. It is really good and awesome and I just love it! you should read it too. So anyway, “Nevermore” Was the last book. As you can see it says “the FINAL maximum ride book. But I was researching the maximum ride movie (more on that later) and I found on wiki that there will be a 9TH BOOK! I was like dancing and I still cant sit still. I am soooooo excited! So it will be called


Maximum Ride Forever

That is strait from the James Patterson website! (I also just found out I can make my text different colors!)

It is supposed to come out January 19 2015!!!!!!! YAY!

I am so excited! If you are excited to, Comment, follow, email so we can be excited together!!!!!!!! More post soon to come!!!


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