This is the story of Joseph as told by AMPED:


This is a story the youth at my church wrote…..

Once upon a time, there was a man named Jacob who had a son named Joseph. He gave him a rainbow coat. His brothers were jealous of the coat, especially the blue parts. One day Joseph declared: “I had a dream that one day you will all bow to me!” His brothers were enraged by his words. They sought to kill him. So they threw him into a pit filled with unicorns; one of the unicorns was named Frank. Instead of killing him, they sold him to Etsy the trader, who then sold him to Jerry Potifar captain of Pharaohs’ guards. Potifar liked Joseph and put him in charge of his house. One day, Potifars wife accused Joseph of being a snoodler. Potifar threw him into Alcatraz! He was thrown into jail with Bob Grape the wine taster and Peeta the bread maker, both of whom proclaimed that they had dreamed dreams. So, Joseph interpreted them. He said: “Bob, you are going back to work. Pita, you are going to die, in 3 days, by Jose Jalapeno on a stick.”

Several years later Pharaoh had a dream that 7 big macs were eaten by 7 moldy chicken nuggets. Bob said: “I have a friend who can tell you the meaning of your dream.” Afterwards, Pharaoh, knowing the meaning of his dream, put Joseph in place as the lead prepper for Egypt.

Many years later: The whole world was very hungry due to the fact that, pharaohs’ dream of big macs being eaten by moldy chicken nuggets had come true. Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt, not knowing that Joseph was there, to beg for some of the big macs that they had heard the Egyptian prepper had managed to save. Joseph, the prepper of Egypt, meets with his brothers who do not recognize him. So he decides to play a prank on them. He accuses them of stealing his golden French fry that he had gotten as a reward for saving the big Macs, and he throws them in jail. He sends one of them back to his hometown with the demand to bring his youngest brother back with him. They bring back his younger brother Benji, and Joseph so happy to meet Benji confesses who he really is. His brothers beg for his forgiveness and he grants it. He sends enough big macs and happy meals back home with them to save his whole family. By saving the big macs, Joseph not only saved his family, but all of Israel.

Frank says: the end.


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