Book Review


Today I will be reviewing…..

Rick Riordan's 'House of Hades' cover, synopsis unveiled! - Hypable.  OH MY BARKING GOSH IT'S BEAUTIFUL. Adkcnfjeoanekckaldbel!!!!!!!!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

I will be rating this book on

  1. Was it exciting?
  2. Was it easy to put down?
  3. Did I like the characters?
  4. Did it leave me asking for more?
  5. Did I like it?

Lets get started…

1. Was it exciting? Yeeeeeeessss! It was pretty jam packed with excitement! The end was the most exciting part! (I’m proud of you Hazel!)

5 stars *****

2. Was it easy to put down? Not really. I was pretty invested.

4 stars * * * *

3. Did I like the characters? The characters in this book are….

Percy Jackson: Is just awesome! 5 stars

Annabeth Chase: She is so brave! 5 stars

Frank Zhang: He really stepped up in this book! 5 stars

Hazel Levesque: She is amazing! 5 stars

Jason Grace: He got knocked out a lot! 3 stars

Piper McLean: She is so clever! even for a child of Aphrodite! 4 stars!

Leo Valdez: We all love you Leo! 5 stars!

Coach Hedge: His softer side is really brought out in this book! 4 stars!

Reyna: She accomplishes some pretty important things in this book! 5 stars!

Nico di angelo: I know everyone will hate me for this… But I dont really like Nico. He is dark, gloomy, and depressing. But for his bravery and leadership I give him 3 stars.

So all in all The characters get like 4 and half stars * * * * (and a half)

4. Did it leave me asking for more? Yes, but not nearly as much as the last 3 books have so…… 4 stars * * * *

5. How much did I like it? A LOT! 5 stars * * * * *

I am anticipating the arrival of Blood of Olympus

WARNING  the following content contains SPOILERS!!

Okay so I  love the part where Leo meets Calypso!!! They are just too perfect together!

O.k after seeing this i think there perfect

I am smad (mad and sad) about poor Bob 😦

More posts soon to come!!

❤ EA


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