Movie Review


Today I will be reviewing Noah.

Noah (2014) A man is chosen by his world's creator to undertake a momentous mission before an apocalyptic flood cleanses the world.

I will be reviewing this movie on….

  1. Watch-ability
  2. Acting
  3. Plot
  4. Characters

1. Watch-ability: It was pretty interesting to watch. But most of it was quite boring. 2 stars

2. Acting: Considering all of the great actors that they had to play in this film, I am highly disappointed! I mean I dont even know how they got all of these actors together to do this! Most of them were overacting! 2 stars!

3. Plot: Starting with how it followed the Bible lets see…..

There were “Fallen Angels” a.k.a. Giant rock people! They look like evil versions of the giants from the never ending story!

Rockbiter - The Never Ending Story

Then they pick up this girl who cant have kids and Methuselah heals her with some berries!

Then there is a stowaway on the ark

And Ham meets a girl who gets killed and then he goes on the ark with NO WIFE! And then when they land he runs away to live by himself!

Shem’s wife gets pregnant on the ark and noah says they have to kill the babies because God oh excuse me…. I mean ” The creator” wants to wipe out the human race!

Now all of that aside…. It wasn’t even a good movie! It was like…..weird, depressing, boring! I dont even know! It was just soooo awful I am trying to block it from my memory!

no stars!

4. Characters: Most of them were whiny and I didn’t like them! 1 star!

All in all this was a horrid movie! NO ONE should burden themselves with seeing it!


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