First post!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hello peeps! Sarabi here with my first post on my page. Now I’ll tell you my history first so here it goes…. it all started with a little puppy in a litter of 3. I was born in a puppy mill a filthy,dirty,mess I called home. But one day, when I was only 6 weeks old, I got sold. At first I was scared to death. All I knew was I had just been taken from the only home I knew:(when I got to their house or what ever humans live in I was still scared; till I met the little humans. They were sweet and were fun to play with:) but, the next day i got woke up by one of the little humans screaming its head off. So at first, I ran in and started to bark, and bark, and bark. I thought we were playing till the human came in and snatched me up and put me in this thing where I could not escape! I was scared again so I barked myself to sleep….then, I got woke up again being carried down the stairs by my arms and legs. The little humans were yelling and screaming that they were going to throw me over board!They swung me back and forth and back and forth. My first reaction was to bite and hold on till they let go. So, that’s what I did and they dropped me and ran. This type of stuff went on for what felt like weeks till the human finally sold me to some one else. That was so so scary too. I was taken out of the humans arms and put into a car with another human. They drove out of town to another humans house. I was took into the warm heated house where 3 little humans with their eyes closed sat at a table in the cooking place. The human set me on the table, the little humans opened their eyes. One of them snatched me up in to her arms and held me tight. We played and played all night. Now I’m 10 mouths old and could not be happier in my home:)now I know their not just humans their my mommy,daddy,and my sisters their my family




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