Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment


Since the new Maximum Ride book is coming out in January I decided to re-read all of the books! So now I am going to do some reviews on all 8 of them!!!! So lets start with #1.

“Can you giggle while running for your life and protecting a six year old? I can.”  The Angel Experiment by James Patterson.  1st book in the Maximum Ride Series.

So we will be reviewing this book on…..

  1. Was it exciting?
  2. Was it easy to put down?
  3. Did I like the characters?
  4. Did it leave me asking for more?
  5. Did I like it?

1. Was it exciting? Heck Yeah! There is almost non stop action! I love it! 5 stars * * * * *

2. Was it easy to put down? NOoooooooo! Not at all! It is so hard to put down! 5 * * * * *

3. Did I like the characters?

The characters in The Angel Experiment are…..

Maximum Ride:  5 stars * * * * * 

Fang:  4 stars * * * *

Iggy: 4 stars * * * *

Nudge: 4 stars * * * * *

Gasman/Gazzy: 5 stars * * * * *

Angel: 5 stars * * * * *

Ari: I don’t like him! but he is a pretty good bad guy so like….. 2 stars * *

Jeb: TRAITOR! no stars!!!! 😡

So all in all…… I give the characters 4 and a half stars! * * * * and a half!

Did it leave me asking for more? Yes, although it also didnt have a huge cliff hanger or anything. It was like it ended but there is still more to happen so 4 stars * * * *

How much did I like it? Well….. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Maximum Ride series, but The Angel Experiment is just not my favorite. So 4 stars * * * *

But even though I didn’t like this book as much as the others, it shouldn’t stop you from reading it. Because it lays down the foundation for all of the other books so if you want to join the crazy, awesome, exhilarating Maximum Ride! you should defiantly read it!


Book Review


Today I will be reviewing…..

Rick Riordan's 'House of Hades' cover, synopsis unveiled! - Hypable.  OH MY BARKING GOSH IT'S BEAUTIFUL. Adkcnfjeoanekckaldbel!!!!!!!!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

I will be rating this book on

  1. Was it exciting?
  2. Was it easy to put down?
  3. Did I like the characters?
  4. Did it leave me asking for more?
  5. Did I like it?

Lets get started…

1. Was it exciting? Yeeeeeeessss! It was pretty jam packed with excitement! The end was the most exciting part! (I’m proud of you Hazel!)

5 stars *****

2. Was it easy to put down? Not really. I was pretty invested.

4 stars * * * *

3. Did I like the characters? The characters in this book are….

Percy Jackson: Is just awesome! 5 stars

Annabeth Chase: She is so brave! 5 stars

Frank Zhang: He really stepped up in this book! 5 stars

Hazel Levesque: She is amazing! 5 stars

Jason Grace: He got knocked out a lot! 3 stars

Piper McLean: She is so clever! even for a child of Aphrodite! 4 stars!

Leo Valdez: We all love you Leo! 5 stars!

Coach Hedge: His softer side is really brought out in this book! 4 stars!

Reyna: She accomplishes some pretty important things in this book! 5 stars!

Nico di angelo: I know everyone will hate me for this… But I dont really like Nico. He is dark, gloomy, and depressing. But for his bravery and leadership I give him 3 stars.

So all in all The characters get like 4 and half stars * * * * (and a half)

4. Did it leave me asking for more? Yes, but not nearly as much as the last 3 books have so…… 4 stars * * * *

5. How much did I like it? A LOT! 5 stars * * * * *

I am anticipating the arrival of Blood of Olympus

WARNING  the following content contains SPOILERS!!

Okay so I  love the part where Leo meets Calypso!!! They are just too perfect together!

O.k after seeing this i think there perfect

I am smad (mad and sad) about poor Bob 😦

More posts soon to come!!

❤ EA

Gilmore Girls!


Hi eveybody! Its October! And as most of you know, The entire Gilmore Girls series has been added to Netflix! So I thought I would do a few posts dedicated to Gilmore Girls!!!

This is the of the best quotes from Gilmore Girls


I am a Gilmore Girl :)

I say this ALL the time!!!


All 339 Books Referenced In "Gilmore Girls"

I can relate




Gilmore Girls Quote


So feel like this today.  Off to make a pot.  My chai tea I made this morning is not cutting it.


Yes, Lord! Yes! Gilmore Girls quote


Gilmore Girls Quote


The 23 Wisest Things Lorelai Gilmore Ever Said...I think I'm turning into her


Gilmore Girls Quote


Gilmore Girls Quote



Gilmore Girls Quote

You go Lorelai




Gilmore Girls Quote

I love Gilmore Girls! And scince a lot of my posts this month will be about Gilmore Girls, I hope you like it too!

More posts soon to come!

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This is the story of Joseph as told by AMPED:


This is a story the youth at my church wrote…..

Once upon a time, there was a man named Jacob who had a son named Joseph. He gave him a rainbow coat. His brothers were jealous of the coat, especially the blue parts. One day Joseph declared: “I had a dream that one day you will all bow to me!” His brothers were enraged by his words. They sought to kill him. So they threw him into a pit filled with unicorns; one of the unicorns was named Frank. Instead of killing him, they sold him to Etsy the trader, who then sold him to Jerry Potifar captain of Pharaohs’ guards. Potifar liked Joseph and put him in charge of his house. One day, Potifars wife accused Joseph of being a snoodler. Potifar threw him into Alcatraz! He was thrown into jail with Bob Grape the wine taster and Peeta the bread maker, both of whom proclaimed that they had dreamed dreams. So, Joseph interpreted them. He said: “Bob, you are going back to work. Pita, you are going to die, in 3 days, by Jose Jalapeno on a stick.”

Several years later Pharaoh had a dream that 7 big macs were eaten by 7 moldy chicken nuggets. Bob said: “I have a friend who can tell you the meaning of your dream.” Afterwards, Pharaoh, knowing the meaning of his dream, put Joseph in place as the lead prepper for Egypt.

Many years later: The whole world was very hungry due to the fact that, pharaohs’ dream of big macs being eaten by moldy chicken nuggets had come true. Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt, not knowing that Joseph was there, to beg for some of the big macs that they had heard the Egyptian prepper had managed to save. Joseph, the prepper of Egypt, meets with his brothers who do not recognize him. So he decides to play a prank on them. He accuses them of stealing his golden French fry that he had gotten as a reward for saving the big Macs, and he throws them in jail. He sends one of them back to his hometown with the demand to bring his youngest brother back with him. They bring back his younger brother Benji, and Joseph so happy to meet Benji confesses who he really is. His brothers beg for his forgiveness and he grants it. He sends enough big macs and happy meals back home with them to save his whole family. By saving the big macs, Joseph not only saved his family, but all of Israel.

Frank says: the end.

Hand Kniting


I have just found out about something AWESOME! I like to knit. I knit with knitting needles. Now I have found out that I have been doing it wrong all this time!! While looking for stuff to make for our craft show we found something called HAND KNITTING!!

NEED TO LEARN !!!!hand crochet, for that chunky bedspread you want to make. - oh, here's how.

Knitting with your HANDS! Isnt it cool! It is actually super simple….


If you want a better tutorial there are like 4 billion on YouTube!Hope you have fun! I will post pictures of our hand knitted creations soon!

❤ EA



Hey everybody!

Today I have been making crafts for a craft fair!!!

Today I made two things. The first thing is…….

DIY Crayons Lipstick | Beauty and MakeUp Tips

What you need:

  • Crayons
  • Coconut oil
  • A small bowl
  • A sauce pan
  • A 1/2 Tbs measuring spoon
  •  Containers for the lip stick

Step 1: Fill your pan about halfway with water and put on med-low

Step 2: Peel the labels off the crayons and break them into small pieces.

Step 3: put the coconut oil and the broken crayons into the small bowl(s) and set them in the pan

Step 4: It takes a long time for the crayon/coconut mixture to fully melt, just check on it every so often to stir it together.

Step 5: When it is fully melted pour them into the containers and let them solidify. Tada! now you have AWESOME lip gloss.

If you want some more detailed instructions you can look at where I originally got this idea.

DIY: Make lipstick out of CRAYONS! Did this today and it worked perfectly! absolutely amazing and safer than some store bought lipsticks. AMAZINGGGG

I got it off YouTube from a channel called “krazyrayray” Check it out!

Then I made Bookmarks! They look like this…..

Diy Bookmarks : Diy a quick cup of tea

I got the idea from Pinterest! It is super simple if you want to make it. the instructions are on

More post soon to come!

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