2015 Reading Challenge!


This year I decided to start a Reading Challenge. If anyone would like to join me in my endeavor, you are welcome to do so. It is a lot of fun! here is the challenge:


  • Keep a list of all the books you read this year
  • read a book that was adapted into a movie and then compare
  • read a book on a subject you know nothing about
  • read a book by an author from your city/county/state
  • pick a book based entirely on its cover
  • pick a random book off of the shelf
  • read your BFFs favorite book
  • read a comic book or graphic novel
  • read a book you own but have never read
  • read a nonfiction book
  • read a book with a one word title
  • read a children’s book (regardless your age)
  • Read a book with  no words, just pictures
  • read a book with your favorite color on the cover
  • read a book published this year
  • read a book on the best sellers list
  • read a book set in a made up place
  • read a book set in the future
  • read a book set in the past
  • read an entire series
  • read a book with a lion, a witch or a wardrobe
  • read a whole page of a book BACKWARDS
  • read in the bathtub, no water just blankets
  • read for 1 hour
  • read under the covers with a flashlight
  • read a magazine or newspaper article
  • read 100 books this year
  • have a “reading party” with friends and treats
  • start or join a book club
  • read one book from read your way across the USA list:  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/151785449915210342/
  • Read a book in a genre you have never read
  • read a book written by a celebrity
  • Read the first book in a series
  • ask a stranger for a book reference
  • Read a book with a mythical creature in it
  • read a book on an e-reader
  • make a reading list and finish it
  • read a book about someone you admire
  • read outside
  • read a book from the bible
  • read a book that came out the year you were born
  • read a book with a girl main character
  • read a book with a boy main character

I may add to this list later. But this is it so far. Its a lot of fun to do. The highlighted ones are the ones I have finished.  If you have any ideas to add to this list please let me know!

More posts soon to come!

❤ EA