The Pros and Cons of Winter


Hey Everybody!! Sorry for the wait, I had a bit of…… Bloggers Block. Anyway, I’m back and I am going to list the Pros and Cons of Winter.


Snow!! A wonderful Blanket that looks                                                  Like God dumped vanilla ice cream                                                    Over the world!

Christmas!! A joyful celebration of the birth of Jesus!

Black Friday!!  An awesome day where everything is on SALE!!

Not hot! no more sweating!!

Fashion!! I get to where scarves and sweaters and all of my favorite things!!!

Pretty! When the snow falls over the roof tops and on the trees it turns the whole city into a winter wonderland!!

Food! you get to make an amazing dinner for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!  YUM!! and delicious hot cocoa!

Curling up by the fireplace with a blanket and a book. 

No gardening and pulling weeds!!!


Movies!!! Everything on TV is Christmas and holiday themed!!! And I can watch all of my favorite Christmas movies!!!

Snow Days!!! You get a whole day off school just for snow!!! (unless, your homeschooled, then… not so much)


snow. A cold wet nasty sludge. It’s freezing and likes to find places to hide, like in your shoes or the space inbetween your sleeve and your glove.

Black Friday. A dangerous place where people get trampled to death and you just wait for cyber Monday.

Cold. Cold Cold COLD!

You have to wear giant coats that make your hair do this:

Static hair, it’s that time of year!

Food. For Thanksgiving and Christmas you have to slave over a stove. 

Shoveling snow. It’s no fun, and you usually get snow in your shoes.

EVERYTHING on TV is Christmas themed! after Thanksgiving you cant get away from it!!! You Have probably already seen Rudolf the red nose reindeer four times!!!

What you want your Winter Fashion to look like:

Perfect comfy outfit for winter.

What it actually looks like:

So cold!

I can’t move my arms


It lasts for what seems like FOREVER! I mean, Winter is like, November-March. That’s 4 months! that’s a 1/4 of the year. How come  Summer and Winter last forever, but fall only last for like 2 months. Not Fair!

Oh yeah did I mention it’s cold?

But I try not to complain, I mean, a lot of people have it a lot worse then me. I mean this could have happened….


or this

canadian problems

OMG! or this!!

WOW! Japan can't catch a break

these poor people! What if they needed toilet paper!?

Meanwhile In Canada

So if you think that it is freezing, and your just having a really bad day. Just look at these pictures and it wont seem as bad. Lol!

More posts soon to come!

EA ❤